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Turkey hunters feeling positive about this spring


After poor turkey hatches from 2007-2010 a good hatch in 2011 and an increased population of jakes in 2012, hunters will see more "ready willing and able" gobblers this spring. In addition 2012 was a great hatch and according to MDC it was 42% above the previous 5 year average and 21% above the 10 year average. Things are looking up! If you don't see what you're looking for contact us. We can find it for you. Dale on Google+Continue Reading!

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4 qualities to consider when buying hunting land


Return on investment Even though the return on investment is not the driving force behind your purchase it still is an important consideration. Being able to offset the cost of ownership with farm revenues can make your "recreational purchase" make more sense. Here are common ways to achieve some return on your investment: Cropland Marketable timber Land price appreciation Proximity to well known hunting areas - Being close to proven deer populations will give you something to work with. If there's nothing to draw in then all...Continue Reading!

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Missouri farm land prices

Stock graph with upward trend, symbolized with a penny

In July of 2012 the University of Missouri conducted a farm land value opinion survey. The respondents were: 76% lenders 9% Rural appraisers 4% University of Missouri extension specialists 4% Broker/Realtors 7% other related occupations Map below shows top 9 areas for Missouri cropland prices. See table below for specific survey data. Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Good cropland $ $5798 $5226 $5074 $5064 $4878 $4727 $4641 $4488 $4448 Ave cropland $ $4011 $3679 $3868 $3967 $3734 $3461 $3702 $3413 $3145 Poor cropland $ $2530 $2650 $2761 $3029 $2928 $2511 $2930 $2630 $2339   Chariton  Audrain Scotland Stoddard Atchison Linn St Francois Clinton Pike    Carroll  Callaway Clark Butler Nodaway Macon St Geneieve Platte Lincoln    Saline  Boone Lewis New Madrid Holt Randolph Perry Clay Montgomery  Counties  Pettis  Howard Marion Dunklin Andrew Shelby Cape Girardeau Ray Warren      Cooper Ralls Pemiscot Buchanan Monroe Scott Jackson Franklin         Mississippi       Lafayette                   Cass                   Johnson   Continue Reading!

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Farms selling like hot cakes…..why?


Land is selling like hot cakes.......why? Escalating crop prices have led to increased demand for farm land but why the increases? The answer seems to lie in other parts of the world like China and India. Those countries suddenly have an emerging middle class that can afford to a better diet including meat.  Higher demand for meet means higher demand for the grain to feed cattle, pigs and chickens. Will that demand continue to grow? Currently the average American consumes about 250 pounds of...Continue Reading!